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A Leader in Plant Nutrient Technology

AgriGuardian™ scientists, chemist, and formulators are dedicated to helping growers around the world achieve maximum return on their investment while sustaining agricultural soils. With decades. of field and research experience in plant nutrition, AgriGuardian develops products to meet the nutritional needs of all crops. AgriGuardian products are designed with balanced nutrients to be readily available, quickly absorbed, and immediately usable by the plant. AgriGuardian products provide a beneficial way to increase nutrition, yield, and profit for all crops.

AgriGuardian's™ Mission

To use science-based and environmentally sound principles to develop and market innovative crop nutrient and growth promoting products to:

  • Increase the yield and quality of harvested crops.

  • Increase the profitability of farmers and growers who use AgriGuardian products.

  • Increase the health and wellbeing of end consumers who use these crops.

  • Protect the environment and improve the sustainability of soils for generations to come.

  • Take this technology worldwide to help feed the world.

As a company, to:

  • Conduct business in an ethical, honest and fair manner.

  • Show respect to all customers, employees, cultures and competitors.

  • Provide quality products and services that add value to customers.

  • Provide a fair return to the company and its employees to ensure the sustainability of the company.

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