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Nutrition Program

AgriGuardian Nutrition Programs™ for individual crops are designed to increase the productivity and profitability of growers. These programs are used to supplement traditional N-P-K fertilization and allow crops to reach their genetic potential. AgriGuardian Nutrition Programs™ include essential macronutrients and micronutrients, beneficial microbiology, and biostimulants. Our programs and products are science-based, using proven knowledge of plant physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and soil science. For all nutrition programs, confirm the need for specific nutrients and for potential nutrient interactions by doing soil and tissue tests, and (ideally) test water used for irrigation and in tank mixes. For questions about AgriGuardian™ products or programs, contact your AgriGuardian™ distributor or send an email to

To learn more about crop nutrition, foliar fertilization, and how to use tissue test results, obtain a copy of Plant Analysis Handbook III from your AgriGuardian™ distributor. Our book is also available on Amazon or Ebay

Product Description

AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™ - All essential micronutrients required by crops, including cobalt and nickel.

AgriGuardian Moly™ - Chelated molybdenum complex required for good nitrogen fixation in nodules, growth regulator formation, and nitrate nitrogen utilization.

AgriGuardian Nutra-Boost® - Excellent source of foliar applied K, Mg and S, especially during peak demand periods when root uptake limits these nutrients.

AgriGuardian Zinc™ - Chelated zinc required for formation of growth regulator indoleacetic acid (IAA) which controls ear size and plant growth.

Excellorate™ - Stimulates rapid germination and early root growth.

Foliar Blend® - Biostimulant for enhanced growth and improved nutrient uptake.

IgniteS2® - Biostimulant for enhanced growth and improved nutrient uptake.

Liquid N-P-K - Fertilizers for foliar fertilization such as 3-18-18, 9-18-9, 6-24-6, are available from AgriGuardian™. For foliar application use liquid fertilizers with 100% orthophosphate, neutral pH, low salt index, and no heavy metals.

*AgriCal® - Sugar based chelated calcium product, greatly improves calcium availability in soil.

*Ful-Grow - Enhanced uptake of nutrients and pesticides when foliar applied to crops and weeds, contains fulvic acids.

*Graph-Ex SA® - Rhizobium inoculum for nodule formation for nitrogen fixation.

*HumiK - Humic acid product for improve nutrient uptake and soil tilth, and adds carbon to the soil.

*Marauder® - Rhizobium inoculum for nodule formation for nitrogen fixation.

*SabrEx LQ™- Enhance root growth, increase tillering and nutrient deficiency.


*SabrEx PB™ - Enhance root growth, increase tillering and nutrient deficiency.

*Organic certified products.

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