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Dry Bean

Jack's Bean Company Dry Bean Study 2017
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Study conducted in Chase County, Nebraska.

*Return on Investment (ROI) above lowest yielding company's program. No check plots were used in study.

**See table below for breakdown of cost.

Field Observations

  • Most extensive root nodulation for nitrogen fixation.

  • Largest root system.

  • Only program with obvious improved soil tilth.

  • Earlier maturity by at least 3-5 days.

  • Yield would have been greater, except for extensive shattering due to hail while waiting for other programs' crops to mature to harvest.

AgriGuardian Program to Meet Nutritional Needs by Stage of Development
  • Soil Treatment

HumiK - 4 gal/ac

  • Seed Treatment

Excellorate™ - 1/2 oz/50 lb seed

IgniteS2® - 2 oz/50 lb of seed


  • V3-V5 - Rapid Vegetative Growth

AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™ - 16 oz/ac

AgriGuardian Moly™ - 4 oz/ac

IgniteS2® - 16 oz/ac

  • R1-R2 - Flowering

AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™ - 16 oz/ac

AgriGuardian Moly™ - 4 oz/ac

IgniteS2® - 16 oz/ac

  • R3-R5 - Pod Fill

AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™ - 8 oz/ac

AgriGuardian Moly™ - 2 oz/ac

  • Other Nutritional Considerations

Above program was based on soil test results provided to AgriGuardian™ by Jack's Bean Company, and on how the company could apply products to the crop. The program presented is a general outline of AgriGuardian™ Nutritional Program for dry beans. Individual products, rates and application methods may vary based on soil and tissue test results and how crop is grown.

IgniteS2® was applied by Jack's Bean Company to all seed used by all companies participating in this comparison. IgniteS2® is marketed by AgriGuardian, and was supplied by AgriGuardian for use in this study.

To learn more about crop nutrition, foliar fertilization, and how to use tissue test results, obtain a copy of Plant Analysis Handbook III from your AgriGuardian™ distributor. Our book is also available on Amazon or Ebay

Product Description

*HumiK - Humic acid product for improve nutrient uptake and soil tilth, and adds carbon to the soil.

Excellorate™ - Stimulates rapid germination and early root growth.

AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™ - All essential micronutrients required by dry beans, including cobalt and nickel.

AgriGuardian Moly™ - Chelated molybdenum complex required for good nitrogen fixation in nodules, growth regulator formation, and nitrate nitrogen utilization.

IgniteS2® - Biostimulant seed treatment and foliar application for rapid seed emergence, enhanced growth and improved nutrient uptake.

*Organic certified products.

Cost of Inputs Used in AgriGuardian Nutrition Program
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