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AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™

AgriGuardian Moly™

AgriGuardian Zinc™

AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™

AgriGuardian Boron™

AgriGuardian Copper 5%

AgriGuardian Manganese 6%

AgriGuardian Iron





Secondary Nutrients

AgriGuardian Nutra-Boost®



3-18-18, 100% Orthophosphate, neutral pH

6-24-6, 100% or 80% Orthophosphate

9-18-9, 100% Orthophosphate

Organic Nitrogen 14




Organic Nitrogen 14








Carbon Booster®




What is MicroMix Complete™?


AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™ is a proprietary plant nutrient formulation containing all essential plant micronutrients required by every crop. The product is formulated using compounds that are readily absorbed through plant leaves, shoots, roots and reproductive structures. The balanced nutrient composition is based on the needs of most crops. MicroMix Complete™ is highly concentrated and only a small amount is needed. When properly used it promotes higher yields wherever micronutrients are limiting crop performance.

Why use MicroMix Complete™?

Before the advent of modern agriculture, crop yield and demand for nutrients were relatively low. Many soils contained most of the nutrients that were required by crops, except N-P-K. To this day, so-called “complete fertilizers” contain only N-P-K. Growers everywhere are now trying to push yields to their maximum. Higher yielding crops place greater demands on the soil to deliver nutrients. Since micronutrients have been largely ignored for generations, micronutrient deficiencies are commonplace in agricultural soils. Micronutrients are often the first nutrient deficiencies to limit a crop’s potential performance. MicroMix Complete™ is an economical and efficient way to increase yields and profits, by providing the essential micronutrients needed by all crops.

How to use MicroMix Complete™?

MicroMix Complete’s™ micronutrients are chelated or complexed with sugar-based organic compounds. This allows rapid absorption of the nutrients by the plant, making the nutrients immediately available for plant use. MicroMix Complete™ can be applied many ways to crops:


  • Foliar Spray, used alone or tank mixed with most other fertilizers and pesticides (including with glyphosate to prevent micronutrient tie-up and “yellow flash” - see Glyphosate and Micronutrients).


  • Irrigation Systems, used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and pesticides.


  • Starter Solutions or root dips at planting or transplanting, used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and chemicals.

  • Soil Application or Media Drench for transplant or seedling production, used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and chemicals.

  • Nutrient Solutions for hydroponics and greenhouse house production, used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and chemicals.​

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