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AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™

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AgriGuardian Zinc™

AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™

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AgriGuardian Manganese 6%

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Secondary Nutrients

AgriGuardian Nutra-Boost®



3-18-18, 100% Orthophosphate, neutral pH

6-24-6, 100% or 80% Orthophosphate

9-18-9, 100% Orthophosphate

Organic Nitrogen 14




Organic Nitrogen 14








Carbon Booster®




What is AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™?

AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™ is an ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) chelated zinc product, which contains 9% zinc. Zinc is an essential plant nutrient required by all plants and crops for proper growth and to complete their life cycles. AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™ is readily absorbed through plant leaves, shoots, roots and reproductive structures. The product is concentrated and only a relatively small amount is needed. When properly used it promotes greater crop health and higher yields whenever zinc is limiting crop performance.


Why use AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™?

Zinc deficiency is common in agriculture. Because zinc is involved in the formation of indoleacetic acid (IAA), a growth regulator that influences growth of leaves, stems and reproductive structures, zinc can dramatically influence yields. This is especially so with corn and wheat where zinc can influence the number of rounds of kernels on ears of corn, and the length and number of grains on heads of wheat. To prevent loss of yield from low IAA being formed, zinc needs to be applied to these crops before the ears and grain heads are formed. For corn this is typically by V5. Once the ear or head is formed, additional zinc cannot correct this problem.


For all crops, low zinc early in the plant’s life can result in leaves being smaller than usual and overall reduced leaf size and stunted plant growth. For more mature crops, a common symptom of zinc deficiency is yellow stripping between the veins on the leaves (interveinal chlorosis). High phosphorus in soils and nutrient solutions can restrict the uptake of zinc by plant roots, causing a zinc deficiency, even when soil tests indicate adequate zinc in the soil. AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™ is an effective way to ensure that crops have adequate levels of zinc to meet their needs. It is easy to use, and cost effective. For most crops, 16-32 oz. per acre applications of AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™ will satisfy their zinc requirements.

How to use AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™?

Zinc in AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™ is in an EDTA chelate. This allows for effective absorption into the plant. AgriGuardian EDTA Zinc™ can be applied several ways to crops:


  • Foliar Spray used alone or tanked mixed with most other fertilizers and pesticides. EDTA Zinc is NOT recommended for use when glyphosate is part of the tank mix. AgriGuardian Zinc™ is preferred zinc for foliar application when the tank mix solution pH is below 7.3. 


  • In-furrow at planting with most other fertilizers and pesticides. EDTA Zinc is effective when mixed with starter fertilizers.


  • Irrigation Systems used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and pesticides.


  • Starter Solutions or Root Dips at planting or transplanting, used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers or chemicals.


  • Soil Application or Media Drench for transplant or seedling production, used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and chemicals.


  • Nutrient Solutions for hydroponics and greenhouse production, used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and chemicals.

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