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AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™

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AgriGuardian Boron™

AgriGuardian Copper 5%

AgriGuardian Manganese 6%

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Secondary Nutrients

AgriGuardian Nutra-Boost®



3-18-18, 100% Orthophosphate, neutral pH

6-24-6, 100% or 80% Orthophosphate

9-18-9, 100% Orthophosphate

Organic Nitrogen 14




Organic Nitrogen 14








Carbon Booster®



What is AgriGuardian Boron™?

AgriGuardian Boron™ is a ethanolamine chelated boron product, which contains 10% boron. Boron is an essential plant nutrient required by all plants and crops for proper growth and to complete their life cycles. AgriGuardian Boron is readily absorbed through plant leaves, shoots, roots and reproductive structures. The product is concentrated and only a small amount is needed. When properly used, it promotes greater crop health and higher yields whenever boron is limiting crop performance.


Why use AgriGuardian Boron™?

Boron deficiency is common in agriculture. Boron is involved in the formation of cell growth, particularly in the binding of calcium to form cell walls and membranes. When boron deficiency is severe, growth is stunted, especially at growing points. Reproductive structures are more sensitive to boron deficiency than vegetative portions of the crops. Flower abortion may be caused by boron deficiency as well as early fruit drop. In grains, boron deficiency can cause incomplete fill or dieback of the ear or grain head. These problems can occur even when vegetative symptoms are not evident. Besides playing an important role in calcium utilization, adequate boron is needed for nitrate reduction and uptake of phosphorus from soil. Excessive potassium and high soil pH can suppress boron uptake from soil.


However, too much boron can be toxic to plants. Because boron is highly mobile in soils, soil test results can be highly variable. Plant tissue analysis is a better indicator of the need for boron than is soil testing. Do not apply boron to crops unless there is demonstrated need by testing, or a history of boron deficiency for a given field. For most crops, 8-16 oz. per acre applications of AgriGuardian Boron™ will satisfy their boron requirements.

How to use AgriGuardian Boron™?


Boron in AgriGuardian Boron™ is a sugar-based chelate. This allows for effective absorption into the plant. AgriGuardian Boron™ can be applied several ways to crops.


  • Foliar Spray used alone or tanked mixed with most other fertilizers and pesticides. This is the preferred method of application.


  • Irrigation Systems used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and pesticides.


  • Nutrient Solutions for hydroponics and greenhouse production, used alone or mixed with most other fertilizers and chemicals. Extreme care must be taken to ensure that boron concentrations in such nutrient solutions are well within levels that the crop can tolerate.


Note: In furrow applications are NOT recommended because of potential damage to emerging seed and young roots.

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